ROLE Sergeant Major, 1st Paratroopers Carabinieri Regiment “Tuscania”

Mauro is 47 years old and lives in Livorno, Tuscany, where he serves in the 1st Paratroopers Carabinieri Regiment “Tuscania”. His work has taken him not just all over Italy but all over the world, and he has seen places that he never would have imagined. Born in the height of summer, Mauro was raised in a small town outside Alessandria, Piedmont. He’s a Leo, and indeed he has a lion’s heart: resolute, but respectful of others. He loves solitude, but he definitely knows how to enjoy himself in the company of friends. He plays a lot of sports and is a huge soccer fan. He also adores nature in all its forms and colors. You’ll often find him relaxing on the beach or listening to his favorite rock bands, which include Iron Maiden and AC/DC.

Gianpaolo Ricciu
Samuele Ratti