DAY 29

April 30th
Rolled into Pietermaritzburg today, a place which you could argue changed the course of world history. That’s because it was in this very city that Gandhi made his historic decision to fight racial discrimination in South Africa. He had been kicked off a train to Pretoria after a passenger complained about the color of his skin—he spent the night in Pietermaritzburg, and the rest is history. Today the city is a thriving industrial hub, famous for its aluminum, timber and dairy production. The surrounding area also boasts the Albert Falls Dam Nature Reserve, one of the best places in the world for bass fishing. We continued north-east to Dalton, where we paid a visit to another trusted dealer in the Tubestone network: Supa Quick Tyre Experts. Tubestone has developed an extensive network of dealers throughout South Africa, and we relish the chance to meet the people who work with our tires day in and day out. Our customers in Dalton expressed their satisfaction with our products, and we were happy to tell them about our incredible trek across their stunning country.

DAY 30

May 1st

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